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Against the Bias - The Sport of Bowls

It's about people who love the sport enough to do something about it!


Welcome to one person's take on the Sport of Bowls.

Drop by to find out what is happening in the Sport of Bowls in BC as well as a few thoughts and opinions.  A while back I read Ken Dryden's "The Game" and at the end he has a list that is philosophy of the Sport of Hockey.  I recently reflected on how I approach the Sport of Bowls and came up with this:

+ I do not participate in the past-time of lawn bowling

+ I compete in the Sport of Bowls

+ I do not need to win to be happy

+ I do need to play well to be satisfied

+ I don't remember winning, but I do remember how I played and the people I played with and against


I still love the following selections from Ken Dryden and include them below.

+ It matters to me if I win or lose

+ It matters to me how I play the game

+ I try because it matters to me

+ I try because it's more fun that way

+ I practice because I like to be good

+ I want to be better than I was yesterday

Thanks to Ken Dryden for encapsulating the experience of competing in a sport.  If this resonates with you, you're on my team any day.

This will also be the place find out what is happening in the Sport of Bowls in the Metro Vancouver area and beyond.  If you want to be in the loop, just become a member as the news section of this webpage will eventually replace the blast list by which I currently send Lawn Bowls information and other tidbits.

There are a series of blogs about the 2010 North American Challenge and the 2011 Asia-Pacific Championships from a player perspective.

And one other item you'll find here: some history.  Right now that consists of a catalogue of Canadians who have medalled internationally, but I'm sure it will grow.


Right now this site is still in the mid-development stage, but content will be added as soon as possible and regularly after that.

2014 Commonwealth Games

The biggest bowls show around is about to start as the 2014 Commonwealth is just hours from kick-off.  And we have a very strong Canadian squad competing for medals.  I will do my best to keep everyone updated, but there are lots of ways to find out what's happening.  Here area few links:

Official Schedule of Matches

CBC's CWG coverage

A good article in the North Shore News about BC's Tim Mason

Go Canada!!!

Lachlan Tighe on TV

National Team Coach Lachlan Tighe was recently up in Canada and was interviewed on CTV (Kitchener).  Check out the interview right here.