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Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games (aka CWG) could be thought of as the parent of World Bowls and is second to World Bowls, only because it does not include all nations in the world, but only those which were former British colonies.  That being said, most of the top countries (Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and, of course, England) play in the Commonwealth Games.  The CWG  were actually envisioned before the Olympics began, but were not first played until 1930 in Hamilton, Ontario.  Lawn Bowls was made a core sport (one which must always be included) at the very outset and has been an event at every CWG except those held in 1966 in Jamaica, who did not have the facilities (and, evidently did not wish to build any).  From a Canadian perspective, the Commonwealth Games attracts far more local media than does World Bowls, so a medal at the Commonwealth Games has a much better chance of being noticed at home and gaining our sport some much needed positive exposure.  For more information on the Commonwealth Games, you can visit their home site , which has lots of historical details.  An interesting note, Scottish Lawn Bowler Willie Wood has the record for the most CWG appearances with 7.

To my knowledge Ryan Bester leads all Canadians with 4 CWG appearances and is the only Canadian with 2 medals: a silver and bronze, both in singles.

Canada has won 11 medals in the CWG, 9 silver and 3 bronze.  Here is a list of the Canadians (in chronological order) who have medaled at the Commonwealth Games.  Up to 2014, Canada has not won a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games.


 Name Year Event Medal
 Arthur Reid 1930 Pairs Bronze
 Wilt Moore 1930 Pairs Bronze
 Harry Allen 1930 Fours Silver
 Jimmy Campbell 1930 Fours Silver
 Mitch Thomas 1930 Fours Silver
 Billy Rae 1930 Fours Silver
 Tom Chambers 1 1930 Fours Bronze
 W.S. MacDonald 1934 Singles Silver
 W.G. Hutchinson 1934 Pairs Silver
 A.A. Langford  (London, Ont) 1934 Pairs Silver
 Sam Gardiner 1954 Pairs Silver
 Richard Williams 1954 Pairs Silver
 Bill Boettger  (Kitchener, Ont) 1986 Pairs Silver
 Ron Jones  (London, Ont) 1986 Pairs Silver
 Dave Duncalf  (Van South, BC) 1986 Fours Silver
 Dave Houtby  (Ont) 1986 Fours Silver
 Dave Brown  (North Van, BC) 1986 Fours Silver
 Dan Milligan  (Ont) 1986 Fours Silver
 George Boxwell  (BC) 1990 Pairs Silver
 Alfie Wallace (Alta) 1990 Pairs Silver
 Shirley Fitzpatrick-Wong  (Man) 2002 Fours Silver
 Anita (Nivvers) Nivala  (Sask) 2002 Fours Silver
 Andrea Weigand (Ont) 2002 Fours Silver
 Melissa Ranger (Ont) 2002 Fours Silver
 Ryan Bester (Ont) 2006 Singles Bronze
 Ryan Bester  (Ont) 2014 Singles Silver


 1 Tom Chambers played as a substitute for Scotland, when one of their players died en route to the event.  His medal is credited to Canada on the official CWG site.

Past Canadian teams to the Commonwealth Games

This should takesome time to put together, but well worth the effort.




 2014 Ryan Bester (S/P), Kevin Jones (T/F), Tim Mason (T/F), Chris Stadnyk (T/F), George Whitelaw (P/F) Mary Ann Beath (T/F), Leanne Chinery (P/F), Jackie Foster (P/F), Laura Hawryszko (T/F), Kelly McKerihen (S/T)
 2010 Ryan Bester (S), Hiren Bhartu (T), Michel Larue (P), Steve McKerihen (T), Keith Roney (P), Fred Walbank (T) Amanda Berg (P), Shirley Fitzpatrick-Wong (P), Rachel Larson (T), Josephine Lee (S), Harriette Pituley (T), Erin Roth (T)
 2002 Ryan Bester, Steve Bezanson, John Devonshire, Keith Roney, Chris Stadnyk Laura Dewald, Shirley Fitzpatrick-Wong, Anita Nivala, Melissa Ranger, Andrea Weigand
 1930 Harry Allen (F), Jimmy Campbell (F), W.W. Moore (P), W (Billy) Rae (F), A.S. Reid (P), W.S. Thomas (F)