Against The Bias

One player's perspective in the great Sport of Bowls


A group of us in Metro Vancouver have got together simply to "see how good we can be".  The focus of our group can be summed up by the following (much of which can be found sprinkled throughout this site):

We do not compete to win, we compete to excel  When the focus is on winning, the temptation is to try to bring your opponent down, rather than try to raise yourself up.  When the focus is on excelling, the focus is on raising our own level.  When you do that, the wins come.  And even if they don't, it's because our opponent was also playing at a higher level.  We had a great game, with lots of great shot-making.  And that's a blast!  One of the best games I ever played was an 11-25 loss.  I still look back on that match with pride and pleasure.

Bowls Matters  That's the most basic mantra I can come up with.  Playing bowls for the sake of getting together with friends is great, but playing bowls for the sake bowls, now that's really something.  That doesn't preclude enjoying the day and enjoying the company, as long as the game takes centre stage.  Besides, we can enjoy each other's company all the better with something cold in one hand.