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Canadian Team for 2016

under revision: 




North American Challenge Sept 29 - Oct 1, Vancouver, BC (PIBC)

Canadian Women

to be announced

Canadian Men

to be announced


Commonwealth Gmes Jul 24 - Aug 1, Kelvongrove, Glasgow, Scotland

Canadian Women

Mary Ann Beath (vice triples, fours

Leanne Chinery (skip pairs, fours)

Jackie Foster (lead pairs, fours)

Laura Hawryszko (lead triples, second fours)

Kelly McKerihen (singles, skip triples)

Canadian Men

Ryan Bester (singles, skip pairs)

Kevin Jones (vice triples, fours)

Tim Mason (lead triples and fours)

Chris Stadnyk (lead triples, second fours)

George Whitelaw (skip triples, fours)

Lachlan Tighe - ex-Team Canada Coach

Well folks, we have a new Team Canada coach and his name is Lachlan Tighe.  We haven't met him yet, but he has already been busy setting up the program for the 2011 Team Canada Selection Camp down in Sun City, Arizona.  If google LT you will find that he has a very impressive resume, which includes coaching the Malaysian team which went from being minnows to sharks in a very short time (mainly under his tutelage).  He is also very generous with his expertise and writes a regular column which you can find on a number of websites, including here!

Here are some of things I have found or received in the past few weeks.  Even a cursory scan tells me that this guys knows his oats.

The first item is entitled Principles and Thoughts on Bowls and has a number of useful and true comments on playing Bowls.

The second is a little gem called the caterpillar.  If you want to really put yourself to the test on the greens, this is an easy way to attempt something hard.

The third gem is probably the most intimidating, but it shouldn't be.  It is a Trainng Assessment.  I was told some years back by Dorothy Macey that practice should be 'purposeful' (rather than just slinging bowls, or just drawing to the jack).  This is easily the most comprehensive practice I have ever seen.

Finally I have included a sampling of Lachlan's monthly column, Takling Tactically.

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