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One player's perspective in the great Sport of Bowls

The World Cup

Since 2005 there has been held a World Cup, world championships.  There have been four separate events: Indoor Men`s Singles, Indoor Women`s Singles, Junior Men`s Under-25 & Junior Women`s Under-25.  Qualification is generally the national champions for each of these events.  Here in Canada there is a special tournament to qualify for these four events.  The Canadian Indoor Singles Championships and the Canadian Under-25 Championships.  Thanks in large part to the existence of the Pacific Indoor Bowls Club, Canada has been reasonably successful in World Cup, which have been held in Warilla, Australia ever since the event began.  Results in the Under-25 event have been a bit less brilliant.  Unfortunately, the World Under-25 event has been suspended for 2012.

Here is how each of the Canadian reps have done over the years.

Women`s World Cup

Canadian women have generally struggled at the World Cup, but they have also had the most brilliant success.  When Shirley Lai played for Canada in 2006, she not only went undefeated and won over three of the top ten ranked women singles players in the world, she also won the first women's international gold medal.  Here are the results for the rest of the World Cup tournaments.

 Year Bowler W/L Sets Shots Finish
 2016 Pricilla Westlake    Bronze
 2015 Kelly McKerihen    
 2014 Kelly McKerihen    
 2013 Kelly McKerihen 9-1 (1-1)+ 12.0-8.0 144-145 Bronze
 2012 Jospehine Lee 5-5 10.5-9.5 164-150 11th
 2011 Mary Wright 4-7 9.0-13.0 144-208 15th
 2010 Marie Taylor 0-6 3.5-8.5 82-118 20th
 2009 Jean Roney 4-6 8.0-12.0 143-177 17th
 2008 Belle Chan 2-7 4.0-14.0 103-108 19th
 2007 Laura Botelho 2-7 5.0-13.0 93-157 15th
 2006 Shirley Lai 4-0 (3-0)* 5.5-2.5 73-60GOLD

+ Kelly won her quarterfinal match 10-8, 9-5 over Scotland, but lost her semi-final match to Alison Merrien M.B.E. of Guernsey 8-8, 3-8.

* Shirley qualified for the play-offs where she went 3-0 to take the gold medal.


Men`s World Cup

In the first 8 years of the World Cup, Canadian men qualified for the play-offs 5 years in a row and reaped two bronze medals from those efforts.  It should be noted that Tim Mason had only bowled for three years when he played for Canada in Warilla. 

 Year Bowler W/L Sets Shots Finish
 2016 Vince Mai    
 2013 Pat Bird 5-6 10.5-11.5 157-167 15th
 2012 Vince Mai 7-2 11.0-9.0 155-129 Bronze
 2011 Geoff Pershick 9-2 16.0-6.0 221-124 5th
 2010 Vince Mai 5-1 9.5-2.5 109-71 Bronze
 2009 Hiren Bhartu 6-4 12.5-7.5 178-135 8th
 2008 Hiren Bhartu 6-3 12.5-5.5 165-116 5th
 2007 Hiren Bhartu 6-5 12.0-10.0 182-161 12th
 2006 Tim Mason 2-3 6.0-4.0 81-73 19th

In 2006 Tim's three losses were in tie-breakers.

In 2010 Vince Mai only lost 2 games, both to the champion of that year, Leif Selby.

In 2012 Vince Mai represented Canada as the Canadian Indoor Bronze medalist, when Geoff Pershick (gold) and Tim Mason (silver) were unable to play in the World Cup.

World Junior Men's Cup (under-25)

The Canadian reps at the World Junior Cup have been somewhat like the World Cup, only in reverse.  This time, it is the women who generally outperform the men, but it is the men who have reached the hgihest point - a silver medal won by Ryan Bester in 2006.  As noted above, the World Junior Cup was rather suddenly cancelled.  I am not familiar with an official reason, but I have heard that it was because the general level of play was not good enough.  There were certainly some blow-outs (20-1, 20-1), which showed a huge disparity in skill levels.  Here are the Canadian men's results.

 Year Bowler W/L Sets Shots Finish
 2011 Jonathan Pituley 0-7 3.0-11.0 84-121 15th
 2010 Dylan Jacobs 3-9 10.0-14.0 174-196 15th
 2009 Alex Scott 5-7 11.5-12.5 164-195 7th
 2008 Alex Scott 2-8 6.0-14.0 104-208 9th
 2007 Steve Santana 3-7 9.5-10.5 143-154 9th
 2006 Ryan Bester 4-2 9.5-2.5 110-64SILVER

World Junior Women's Cup (under-25)

A couple of interesting points about the Canadian women who have represented us at the Junior Women's World Cup.  Kelly McKerihen would have been the only person to play in 3 World Cups of Canada, not the event not been cancelled.  And, Laura Botelho is the only person to play in both the Junior World Cup and the World Cup.  Not only that, but she played in the Junior World Cup AFTER she played in the World Cup.  Here are the women's results.

 Year Bowler W/L Sets Shots Finish
 2011 Kelly McKerihen 6-4 9.0-11.0


 2010 Kelly McKerihen 5-3 7.0-9.0 111-122 5th
 2009 Katelyn Brierley 4-7 8.5-13.5 147-203 11th
 2008 Laura Botelho 2-6 4.0-12.0 110-144 7th
 2007 Vanessa Siu 1-5 1.5-10.5 60-145 7th
 2006  2-65.0-11.0 122-139 8th



Men's & Women's World Singles Champion of Champions

Beginning in 2003 there has been the World Singles Champion of Champions for both men and women.  Every member country of World Bowls can send its national singles gold medalist in both the men's and women's events.  In Canada it is the previous year's champion who plays in any given year.  So, the 2002 Canadian Men's Singles Champion was Dave Anderson and he played in the 2003 World Champion of Champions.  In some years the eligible player chooses not to compete at the Worlds and there is no representative.

 Year Player Club/City Result Placing
 2012 Steve Santana   
 2011 Michel Larue  9-4 9th
 2010 Vern Greenhill  1-9 21st
 2009 Hiren Bhartu   
 2008 Chad Trites   
 2007 Mark Sanford   
 2006 Kevin Jones   
 2005 Alf Wallace   
 2004 Ryan Stadnyk   
 2003 Dave Anderson Toronto 9-4 semi-finalist




 Year Player Club Result Placing
 2012 Elaine Jones   
 2011 Clarice Fitzpatrick Winnipeg 4-8 22nd
 2010 Josephine Lee New Westminster 3-6 17th
 2009 Elaine Jones   
 2008 Elaine Jones   
 2007 Leanne Chinery   
 2006 Shirley Ko   
 2005 Laila Hassan   
 2004 Melissa Ranger   
 2003 Clarice Fitzpatrick Winnipeg 6-4 quarterfinalist